Open Rehearsals for New Singers
January 7 & 14, 2020
Flagg Road United Church of Christ
134 Flagg Rd, West Hartford, CT
7:00-8:45 PM 

Join us to try out the Chorale. We are a non-audition group open to all women who would like to sing choral music!

Open rehearsals are held in early September and January.

All women who enjoy singing, and can blend in an ensemble, are invited to join the West Hartford Women's Chorale. Membership in the Chorale is for a full year program (September to June) and is open to any woman 15 years and older.

The Chorale is a non-audition group; however, a private voice placement session with the music director is required.

There is a tuition of $250.00 for the year to participate in the WHWC. Tuition can be paid annually or in two installments of $125.00 (September and January). Tuition includes music, rehearsal notebook and practice CD.

Camerata, a select auditioned ensemble of the WHWC, performs challenging choral pieces suitable for a smaller group. Auditions are held each fall, and Camerata members are required to be members of the Chorale. Camerata members pay a small additional tuition fee.

Students may be eligible to receive a student discount for Chorale tuition. Financial assistance may be available to any member based on need.

Tuition and funds raised by the Chorale go directly toward operating expenses, professional fees, rehearsal and performance costs, music, and the Chorale's charitable activities.

Weekly rehearsals are held on Tuesday evenings 7:00-8:45PM at a location in West Hartford.  Sectional rehearsals for vocal sections are offered 6:30-7 PM. 

For 2019-2020 season (September through late May), the chorale will rehearse at Flagg Road United Church of Christ, 134 Flagg Road, West Hartford, CT.

Semester 1: September - December
Semester 2: January - June

All members receive a complete calendar of rehearsals and events, and a member handbook, all music, a music binder and a rehearsal CD with their vocal part,  at the beginning of each year.

The WHWC follows the West Hartford Public Schools schedule. There are no mandatory rehearsals during the public school vacation periods.

We hold two open rehearsals each semester. The first two rehearsals of the season provide an opportunity for interested singers to try the Chorale without obligation to join for the year. 

Join us for an open rehearsals January 7 & 14, 2020 at FLAGG ROAD UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST, 134 Flagg Road, West Hartford,  7-8:45 PM if you are interested in joining the Chorale this could be your year to sing!

If you have any questions or would like any additional information, please contact us.